Come Rain Or Shine

This idiom is used when people are very determined to do something and nothing can stop them.

Smoking Gun

When we are sure of someone’s guilt we say its a smoking gun.

Stick To Your Guns

When you remain determined on your position or stand even after many people criticize you, you stick to your guns.

Take The Flak

When you are strongly criticized for something, you take the flak.

Calm Before The Storm

The silent time before the start of any violent argument or activity is called calm before the storm.

Chase Rainbows

When someone chases rainbows, they try to do things which are impossible.

Get Wind Of

When you get to know about something which is supposed to be a secret, we use this idiom.

Greased Lightning

When something or someone is moving extremely fast we say its like greased lightning.

Rain On Your Parade

When someone spoils your plan or pleasures he or she rains on your parade.

Quick On The Trigger

Used for people who respond quickly.

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