Empty Vessels Make The Most Noise

The person who speaks too much but nothing of relevance or importance. Also used for thoughtless people who just speak and do nothing

Every Cloud Has A Silver Alining

This means that even in difficult times we have a hope of something good. How hard the circumstances are we still have one way or the other to sort it out.

Everything But The Kitchen Sink

When people involve everything irrespective of the fact that its useful or not we use this idiom.

Exception That Proves The Rule

This is used when we say that if we have an exception this means the rule is perfectly fine as not everyone follows the same rule.

Eye For An Eye

This is an idiom used to tell that if you do something wrong, the judiciary will punish you very badly. Usually its used in Arab countries where if some one makes a person blind then criminal’s eye is also removed.

Every Dog Has Its Day

Each individual has a day when he outplays others.

Every Ass Likes To Hear Himself Bray

When some one likes his voice sound, this idiom is used.

Eat Like A Pig

This idiom is used for people who don’t have table manners or who eat excessively.

Even The Dogs In The Street Know

Used for something which is very obvious.

Even A Blind Squirrel Finds A Nut Once In A While

When we have to say that luck can help even the most ineffective people we use this idiom.

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